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Karlheinz Unterweger

+43 4252 330 30-0


The patented iFIBRE™ fibrillating system provides new possibilities for the preparation of suspensions  of all kinds of fibers.This Dispersion method can be used to fibrillate and develop fibre properties like a refiner as well as being employes in traditional applications such as Deflaking.. The main advantage of this method is, that there is no shortening of the fibers unlike traditional refininer with refiner plates and thus increases the strength properties of  diverse types of papers that can’t normally be achieved using traditional equipment

  • Wearless deflaking
  • Controlled fibre fibrillation
  • No fibre shortening
  • Increasing strength properties (tensile, burst etc.)
  • For virgin and recycling fibers
  • Homogeneous pulp properties
  • Low energy input
  • Very low maintenance costs

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