The name IBS Paper Performance Group stands for innovate technologies and unrivalled products in the world of papermaking. The company's comprehensive portfolio covers a huge range of needs. This is because the IBS Paper Performance Group has nine strong brands under its roof, all with their own individual history.

  • ibs logo


    Ceramic Covers, Dewatering Elements, Vacuum Control Systems, Turn-up Systems

  • pga_logo


    Preparation, Fibrillation, Dispergers

  • jud logo


    Wire and Felt Tensioners, Fabric Guides, Automatic Tensioning Controls

  • ecoworld logo


    LED Lightning

  • James Ross

    Doctors, Showers, Oscillators, Doctor Blades

  • transphase_logo


    Super Steam Vac

  • berger logo


    Steel Construction and Machine Building

  • PMS

    Ruby Nozzles, Edge Trimming Systems

  • Papertech

    Camera- and Monitoring Systems 

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