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Jürgen Steiner

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To be able to optimize the production processes in the pulp and paper industry, it's necessary to measure the exact dewatering performance. These measurements could be done on several measuring points and create a wide ranging overview of the process sequences to identify various optimization potentials.

flowMASTER, the reliable real-time measuring system, enables the evaluation of the dewatering efficiency and improves the runability of the PM.

  • continuous and reliable mesurement of the absolute flow rate
  • installation at all positions in the wire- and felt section of the PM possible (with or witout vacuum)
  • optimal vacuum performance through evaluation of the dewatering efficiency
  • maximization of the felt lifetime as well as minimization of the acceleration time
  • creation of fully automatic control Loops, especially in combination with IBS online Paper Dryness Control sensors
  • each flowMASTER is customized to the needs of the customer and gets tested in a special test bench/stand

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