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With this ceramic material, IBS demonstrates its spirit for innovations and the determination to continuously provide advancements for the Pulp and Paper industry. This extraordinary product, which features the lowest residual porosity of all ceramics, was developed for the most demanding applications as a result of intensive research. With its maximum wear resistance and outstanding thermal stability, unmatched service life can be achieved, even with abrasive fillers. SI-CARBIDE is also the only ceramic that ensures the best surface quality throughout its entire useful life. By adding this ceramic to its range of products, the IBS Paper Performance Group has set a milestone in achieving efficient paper production capabilities.

  • used on world record setting machinesunique, patented liquid-phase sintering process
  • highest wear resistance through maximum hardness
  • Consistent surface quality throughout its entire working lifespan
  • lowest residual porosity of all ceramics
  • long term consistent dewatering geometries

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