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Kurt Schweiger

+43 3582 8511 0


Clear Performance

  • unique clear transparent cones
  • visual inspection at a glance
  • maximum service life
  • significant fiber, water, energy and service savings

Innovative new material guarantees maximum service life and highly efficient cleaning (transparency optimizes inspection). Take a big step towards energy and resource savings with XLP™ Cleaner Cones. Available since 2007 and in a range of designs, they are fully compatible with existing cleaner systems. 


  • extremely resistant to abrasion 
  • many different ceramic cones for common cleaner stations available 
  • extensively tested products 

Made of premium ceramic, our cones have operated in many cleaner systems around the world for years now. In challenging positions they ensure an optimal cleaning performance. Also, the use of aggressive chemicals or abrasives in the stock preparation is no problem for our ceramic cones. 


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