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  • increased production capacity 
  • improved CD moisture profile 
  • total energy savings 


  • better surface quality: gloss, smoothness, porosity, printability, 
  • reduces curl, two-sidedness, dusting, linting 
  • improved CD moisture profile 
  • precise chemical spraying 

The Jakob Steam Shower product line provides the perfect tool for achieving your aims, whether you want to increase production volumes or improve the quality of your paper. The Jakob Steam Showers can be used at both the wet and dry ends of the paper machine. Unique High Speed Multijet Diffuser System (HSMDS) technology guarantees precise moistening of the paperweb with steam, water or chemicals. 


The Jakob Product Line 

Vapojenty - wet end

For CD moisture profiling, production increase and energy saving applications 

  • highest CD-profiling (Cross Direction) efficiency 
  • non sensitive for contamination = runnability 
  • compact, individual and robust design 
  • superior maintenance with slide out system 
  • non dripping even during start and with steam conditions near to saturated steam 

Vapojenty- dry end 

For improvement in gloss, smoothness, roughness, printability, blackening andbulk. The Vapojenty is also used forfor eliminating dusting, linting and curl. as well as reducing production costs

  • enhanced efficiency
  • compact, individual and robust design 
  • non dripping even during start and with close to saturated steam 

Aquajenty – Steam shower & rewet beam 

For improvement in gloss, smoothness, roughness, printability, blackening and bulk; 

The Aquajenty is also used for eliminating dusting, linting and curl, as well as for reducing production costs 

  • patented steam/water jet with HSMDS technology 
  • can be used with hot paper sheet 
  • steam, water or chemicals as process media 


For CD extended moisture profiling by drying and rewetting 

  • up to 7 % profiling range 
  • Combojenty = Vapojenty + Aquajenty 

MD Booster 

For production increase and energy savings 

  • non profiling steam beam 
  • low investment cost 

Jakombact Actuator 

  • high set point resolution with linear control range
  • designed to be used in extremely hard steam shower conditions 
  • compact, fully stainless steel, pneumatic actuator 

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