Energy & Performance

IBS is your partner for Rebuilding, Increase of Performance, Trouble shooting, Energy saving, Reduction of costs, Reduction of CO2 emissions.

iTABLE® - papermaking reinvented

The iTABLE is the first completely adjustable fourdrinier sheet forming zone. It provides control of drainage and stock activity from the headbox all the way to the end of the sheet forming zone where fiber mobility ceases. The iTABLE improves paper properties, minimizes energy and chemical consumption.


An intelligent design will create an intelligent investment! The simplest definition...

Performance Rebuilds

No matter if aiming to increase the speed of the papermachine, improve paper properties, reduce chemical additives or save energy. With our big product portfolio and large amount of knowledge in papermaking we can help you to reach all your goals.

LED- Technology

It offers new solutions for inner- and outer industrial applications. 


Customized solutions for basic fourdrinier up to high end crescent former tissue machines. Focus on improving energy consumption and paper quality, machine runability by improving dewatering, formation, wire and felt conditioning, press work and vacuum consumption. System solutions consisting of dewatering technology, double doctor systems, steamboxes, vacuum control, online moisture and flow measurement to achieve this improvements are part of our Tissue concept.


System audit to de-bottleneck the black box press section. Focus on improving runability, improve felt life time and reduce energy consumption. iPRESS is a system solution consisting of dewatering technology, showers, doctors, steamboxes, vacuum control, automation etc.


A system solution of IBS to optimize your press section. Based...


Define with the papermaker smart control loops in order to reduce energy consumption, improve run ability and improve fabric & felt life time. Customized automation to combine existing and new equipment like EVA vacuum control valves, Online PDC moisture sensors and flowMASTER online flow measurement.

Vacuum Optimization

Audit of entire vacuum system, starting from dewatering elements, separators, control valves and piping down to vacuum source. Report includes re-design of dewatering elements, new definition of required vacuum levels and air flows and proposal for new set up of vacuum plant.


Safety gets more and more important in the Pulp & Paper Industry. Also the IBS care much about that topic and therefore created iSAFETY - a concept which can improve the safety of the employees on their working places.


NO need to work on a running machine! Automatic Measurements Dryness Felt/Wire Dewatering Paper Quality Automatic...

Plant engineering for Preparation

Proven PGA technology from planning up to turn-key plants for unloading & loading stations, mixing and dosing units, coating colour and chemical preparation, dispersing units and starch preparation. With the patented iFIBRE unit the customization of fibre gets possible with lower energy demand than traditional equipment like refiners, leading edge technology to boost virgin as well as secondary fiber properties.

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