Energy & Performance

IBS is your partner for Rebuilding, Increase of Performance, Trouble shooting, Energy saving, Reduction of costs, Reduction of CO2 emissions.

iTABLE® - papermaking reinvented

The iTABLE is the first completely adjustable fourdrinier sheet forming zone. It provides control of drainage and stock activity from the headbox all the way to the end of the sheet forming zone where fiber mobility ceases. The iTABLE improves paper properties, minimizes energy and chemical consumption.


An intelligent design will create an intelligent investment! The simplest definition...


System audit to de-bottleneck the black box press section. Focus on improving runability, improve felt life time and reduce energy consumption. iPRESS is a system solution consisting of dewatering technology, showers, doctors, steamboxes, vacuum control, automation etc.


A system solution of IBS to optimize your press section. Based...


Safety gets more and more important in the Pulp & Paper Industry. Also the IBS care much about that topic and therefore created iSAFETY - a concept which can improve the safety of the employees on their working places.


NO need to work on a running machine! Automatic Measurements Dryness Felt/Wire Dewatering Paper Quality Automatic...

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