Our history

It all began in 1967...
... when Heinrich Bartelmuss founded the IBS Kunststoffwerke in Teufenbach (Styria/Austria).
Today, almost all major board and paper machines worldwide use our products on a daily basis.


Acquisition of 60% of Servicios Sirpac Spa.

The Chile-based company specializes in pulp and paper machine services - from pulp preparation to roll handling. 40% of the company will remain with the founding Brunel family. The acquisition will strengthen the presence of the IBS Group in South America and further expand the range of services.


Acquisition of HECON OFT

Acquisition of HECON OFT, which merges with VIT-Papertec GmbH to form a future-oriented system provider for metering systems.


Foundation of IBS Performance Center Germany GmbH

Foundation of IBS Performance Center Germany GmbH as a new service location in Moers / Deutschland.


V.I.T. Papertec AG und V.I.T. PapierMaschinen-Service GmbH

Acquisition of V.I.T. Papertec AG und V.I.T. PapierMaschinen-Service GmbH, both based in Gerlingen (Germany). Thus we strengthen our portfolio in the field of metering system.


Acquisition Horst Sprenger GmbH Spezialwerkzeuge 

Acquisition of 80 % company shares of Horst Sprenger GmbH Spezialwerkzeuge based in Moers (Germany) and expansion of the existing product range to include metering systems, rod holders, edge doctors and quick couplings.


Groundbreaking for IBS Tower

In autumn 2019, ground was broken for the construction of a new main building at the company headquarters in Teufenbach-Katsch (Austria) - the IBS Tower.

With a height of over 26 meters and floor space of 3,200 m², the new 8-storey building will provide space for corporate management and approx. 50 employees. A 37 meters long bridge will connect the IBS-Tower with the existing company building.


ROPTEC GmbH in Eschweiler/Germany

Acquisition of ROPTECH GmbH based in Eschweiler (Germany) and expansion of the existing product range to include services for camera systems in the pulp and paper industry.


50th anniversary of the company

In 2017, the IBS Paper Performance Group celebrates its 50th anniversary. Our company was founded back in 1967 by Heinrich Bartelmuss with a starting capital of around €7,500


Papertech in Vancouver/Canada

Acquisition of Papertech Ltd. based in Vancouver (BC/Canada), thereby expanding the existing product range to include high-speed camera systems for the paper, cardboard and pulp industry and other industries.


Ergo Apparatus in Taicang/China

Acquisition of the company Ergo Apparatus in Taicang/China – Apparatus Manufacturer


Transphase Ltd. in Vancouver/Canada

Acquisition of the company Transphase Ltd. in Vancouver/Canada and integration of the product group steam showers, steam boxes and steam valves.


PMS Papiermaschinen-Systemtechnik in Offenburg/Germany

Acquisition of the company PMS Papiermaschinen-Systemtechnik GmbH in Offenburg/Germany and integration of the product groups Ruby Nozzles and Edge Trimming Systems


Acquisition of Ecoworld in Scheifling/Austria

Acquisition of Ecoworld LCL GmbH, based in Scheifling (Austria), thus expanding the existing product range to include LED-based lighting solutions for industrial applications.


Acqusition of PGA Anlagenbau 

Acquisition of PGA Anlagenbau GmbH based in Wernberg (Austria) and thus expansion of the existing product range to include plants for fiber, stock, starch and additive preparation.


Klaus Bartelmuss sole owner

Klaus Bartelmuss takes over 100% of the IBS Paper Performance Group by purchasing all the company shares of his brother Heinz Bartelmuss and is thus the sole owner.

New member of the management board:
Dr. Marc Kaddoura


Expansion of our workshop in Teufenbach

The workshop in Teufenbach (Austria) is extended by a new production hall. In this hall a new paper band machine is built and successfully put into operation.


Acquisition of Hans U. Jakob

Acquisition of the technology from Hans U. Jakob (Switzerland) and expansion of the existing range to include steam boxes and rewetting systems.

At this time the IBS Group has more than 500 employees worldwide and holds 85 patents.


Foundation IBS do Brasil

Foundation of IBS do Brasil as a new service location with focus on South America.


Foundation IBS China

Foundation of IBS China as a new production and service location in China near Shanghai.


Foundation of IBS Indonesia

Foundation of IBS Indonesia as a new service center in Tangerang.


Foundation IBS Finland Oy

Foundation of IBS Finland Oy as a new service center for the Scandinavian region.


Acquisition James Ross Ltd.

Acquisition of James Ross Ltd. based in Brockville (Ontario/Canada), thus expanding the product range to include doctoring and machine cleaning systems.


Foundation IBS Japan Ltd.

Foundation of IBS Japan Ltd. as a new sales and service location. At this time, the IBS Group has about 230 employees worldwide.


Acquisition of Maschinenfabrik Berger GmbH

Acquisition of Maschinenfabrik Berger GmbH with the headquarter in Knittelfeld (Austria).


Foundation IBS Asia

Foundation of IBS Asia Pulp & Paper Technology Pte., Ltd. in Singapore, replacing the sales office in Hong Kong.


Acquisition of JUD AG and JUD Corp.

Acquisition of JUD AG Papiermaschinen (Liechtenstein) and JUD Corporation (USA), thus expanding the existing product range to include fabric tensioning and guiding systems. In the same year, the EVA vacuum valves were launched on the market. At that time, the IBS Group had around 140 employees worldwide.


Market introduction of Turn-Up Systems

Opening of a sales office in Hong Kong and market launch of the Turn-Up Systems.


Takeover of the management

Due to the sudden death of the company founder Heinrich Bartelmuss, the management was taken over by his sons Klaus and Heinz Bartelmuss.


Foundation IBS of America

Foundation of the first subsidiary IBS of America Corp. in Chesapeake (Virginia/USA).

Number of employees: 60


Establishment of a branch office in Niederwölz

Establishment of the branch office in Niederwölz (Austria). At this time, 10 patents have already been granted (mainly in Austria).


First one-piece ceramic cover worldwide

Presentation of the world's first one-piece ceramic covering for suctionboxes in the paper industry.


Foundation of IBS Kunststoffwerke

Foundation of IBS Kunststoffwerke by Heinrich Bartelmuss in Teufenbach (Austria) with a starting capital of
about € 7.500,-.

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