pressMASTER flex felt suction systems

Drilled cover with up to 2 sealable rows of holes!

pressMASTER felt suction systems with a drilled cover are available in a broad variety of designs and are customized to your specific needs. Considerable energy savings and a longer felt lifetime results in a ROI of just a few months.

  • In addition to the properties of the pressMASTER, there is the option to adjust the open area over the felt runtime.
  • Energy saving due to a reduced vacuum level.
  • Increased felt lifetime due to improved felt support.
  • Longer service life in comparison with coated drilled covers; ceramic can be reground cost-efficiently several times.
  • Improved felt conditioning due to longer dwell times and optimized hole patterns.
  • More gentle dewatering due to longer dwell times.
  • Optimum protection for seamed felt applications.
  • Keeps the felt open; reduction of cleaning chemicals.
  • Existing uhle boxes can be reused.

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