Coating Kitchens

Complete systems and rebuild solutions.

We have been in the pigmenting and coating color preparation business for over 20 years. We support our customers with process expertise and supply standard and customized solutions for the paper industry. As well as new systems, we also offer customized rebuilds and optimisation solutions to help our customers meet market demands.


Your benefits:

  • Reproducible quality with low energy consumption.
  • Flexibility in combination with other automation systems.
  • Provider of turnkey solutions.


We supply:

  • Silos and tanks
  • Unloading and storage systems for pigments and binders, starch, chemicals
  • Dosing units
  • PGA dispersing systems
  • Workstations with filter systems
  • Automation and control systems
  • Auxiliary systems (tanks, pipes, fittings, steel works)

Your contact person

Christian Stirn




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