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The iTABLE® is the first fully adjustable sheet forming zone for Fourdrinier machines. It enables precise control of dewatering and fibre suspension activity. Starting from the headbox all the way to the end of the forming zone, where fibre mobility ends. The iTABLE® increases dewatering capacity, improves paper properties & minimizes raw material, energy and chemical consumption.

  • Increased production through increased dewatering capacity and machine speed.
  • Reduced basis weight with identical or improved paper properties.
  • Improved formation, strength and surface properties.
  • Reduced costs for raw materials and chemicals with the same paper properties.
  • Reduced energy demand (electricity, steam).
  • Reproducibility, giving you increased homogeneity across the entire portfolio.

The original since 2006!

The iTABLE® is the first fully configurable sheet forming zone for Fourdrinier machines - ideal for papermakers with a broad product portfolio. Learn more in the video...

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