11 strong Brands

Our brands stand for unique technologies and products.
We cover different areas and applications along the manufacturing process.
Today, eleven strong brands present themselves under our roof. Each of them has its own history.


The brand "IBS" stands for high quality

  • dewatering technology,
  • vacuum control systems,
  • ceramic blades and covers,
  • reel change systems.


The brand "JUD" stands for high quality

  • fabric tensioning systems and
  • guiding systems

for wires and felts.

James Ross

The brand "James Ross" stands for high quality

  • machine cleaning and doctoring systems,
  • shower systems,
  • ultra-high-pressure cleaning systems,
  • oscillators and
  • doctor blades.

>> To the website of James Ross Ltd.


Berger Steel Works

The brand "Berger Steel Works" stands for high quality steel manufacturing, mechanical engineering and contract manufacturing.

>> To the website of Maschinenfabrik Berger GmbH

PGA Anlagenbau

The brand "PGA Anlagenbau" stands for high quality

  • plants and machines for stock preparation,
  • plants and machines for starch preparation and
  • plants and machines for additive preparation.


The brand "Ecoworld" stands for intelligent

  • industry lighting solutions and 
  • street lighting solutions.

>> To the website of Ecoworld LCL GmbH


The brand "Transphase" stands for innovative

  • steam showers systems,
  • rewetting systems and
  • the unique Super Steam Vac.

>> To the website of Transphase Technology


The brand "PMS" stands for high quality

  • ruby nozzles,
  • edge handling solutions and
  • trim handling solutions.

>> To the website of PMS Papiermaschinen-Systemtechnik GmbH


The brand "Papertech" stands for high quality, camera based web monitoring and web inspection solutions. 

>> To the website of Papertech Inc.


The brand "ROPTEC" stands for professional services for camera based web monitoring and web inspection systems.

>> To the website of Roptech GmbH

Horst Sprenger

The brand "HORST SPRENGER" stands for high quality

  • rod metering sytems,
  • metering rods,
  • rod holders
  • rod drives with quick couplings and
  • edge doctor units.

>> To the website of Horst Sprenger GmbH Spezialwerkzeuge

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