Audit for wet end optimization

Get the best out of your machine.

As part of this audit, our experts perform a comprehensive inspection of your machine’s wire section. Formation, paper properties, dewatering capacities and much more are precisely analyzed and measures for optimization are proposed. Often the optimum settings are lost, e.g. due to speed changes, the use of alternative raw materials or the wear of dewatering elements. In many cases, production targets also change over time. Therefore, we recommend to have the entire wire section audited and optimized on a regular basis - this is the only way to get the best out of your machine.

  • Comprehensive inspection of your machine's wire section.
  • Report on existing limitations and problems.
  • Project proposal with solutions to achieve production goals in an optimum way - e.g. production increase, quality improvement, energy saving.

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DI Markus Purgstaller




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