Non marking winder automation solution.

iStop+TM represents the industry’s first non-marking solution for accurately measuring the machine direction (MD) sheet position at the winder. There is no need for ink, lasers, or any type of marking when using our iStop+TM camera image pattern matching solution (patent pending). The maintenance and safety issues associated with ink and laser type marking are eliminated from winder control, with the added benefit of increased system reliability.

  • Eliminates the need for messy and ongoing maintenance requiring ink code marking, or any other marking solution.
  • Prevents breaks by accurately addressing critical defects. (Stop-on-Defect/Slow-on-Defect)
  • Stores customer roll map data for further processing.
  • Versatile usage, e.g. winder, calender and off-line-coater. 
  • Enables manual or automatic stopping at any position.

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