Ceramic dewatering elements

The optimum solution for every application.

We offer the complete range of required dewatering elements for paper machines, board machines, pulp machines, and tissue machines.

With the highest competence in consulting and the widest range of ceramic qualities available on the market we provide the optimum solution for every application. 


We cover the entire spectrum of all ceramic dewatering elements on the market for paper, board, tissue and pulp machines.
  • Forming board blades and covers
  • Hydrofoils
  • Height-adjustable blades
  • Angle-adjustable blades
  • MTR blades
  • VARIOLINE® blades
  • Vacufoils
  • Wet suction box covers
  • Former blades and covers
  • Forming blades
  • Transfer suction box blades and covers
  • Flat suction box covers
  • Wire suction box blades
  • Felt suction box blades and covers
  • Deflector blades
  • Edge trim suction box blades and covers
  • Drilled covers
  • Zig-Zag covers
  • More special designs


Comprehensive product range

Our range of products covers the entire spectrum of all ceramic dewatering elements on the market for paper, board, tissue and pulp machines.

Widest range of ceramic qualities

As the market leader in the field of dewatering technology, we offer the widest range of ceramic qualities on the market – this means the optimum material is available for every application.

Unrivalled expertise

We offer unrivalled expertise in consulting on, the engineering of and subsequent service for your dewatering elements – key components for optimum and efficient dewatering solutions.



Available exclusively from IBS Paper Performance Group!

Unique, patented ceramic quality with the greatest wear-resistance and surface quality, as well as optimum behavior under extreme thermal and mechanical loads. Boasts up to three-times the normal service life and therefore the lowest overall costs compared to other ceramic qualities.


Significantly greater wear-resistance compared to every other SI-NITRIDE available on the market.

Reliable ceramic for thermally demanding applications, resistant to mechanical damage.


Standard material for normal production conditions.

Can be used in the wet end and press section.


Excellent thermal resistance coupled with excellent smoothness properties and a high level of resistance to mechanical damage.

Exceptionally well-suited to non-abrasive conditions, in the press section and in tissue machines.


Standard material for quick-running machines and wear-intensive applications – irrespective of machine design.

Suitable both for graphic and packaging paper.


Reliable ceramic quality for thermally demanding applications.

Resistant to mechanical damage.


Material with a high surface quality.

Specifically for selected applications with special paper types.


Unique system! Enables the easy sliding on and off of dewatering blades, simultaneously ensuring 100% play-free fixing and a precise foil angle in operation.

Transport and installation systems

Maximum protection for dewatering elements during transport and storage. Also ensures easy handling during installation and removal.

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