Homogenizes energy efficient stock suspensions.

The deFLAKER is especially designed for the preparation of stock suspensions within internal material cycles. Due to high shear forces, stock suspensions are dispersed and homogenized - with minimal energy input and resistant to impurities such as stones, wires, etc.... Common applications of the deFLAKER are, for example, directly after the pulping of fresh or broke fibers or after the mixing vat. The application of a deFLAKER after the dissolving ensures an optimal preparation of the stock suspension for the subsequent grinding process.

  • Highly homogeneous stock suspensions.
  • An energy-efficient solution resistant to impurities.
  • Improved paper properties (e.g. SCT, burst, smoothness, stiffness).
  • Easy to install with low maintenance costs.
  • Payback periods can be < 6 months.

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